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What Exactly Does A Software Engineer Do?

Computer Systems Software is composed of programs. These programs are of two types, namely Operations Systems and Computing Utilities. Software Engineering is the development and construction of Computer Systems Software and Applications Software. Computer Systems Software is composed of programs including computer utilities and operations systems. On the other hand, Applications Software consists of User based programs including database programs, web browsers etc. As the number of physical net-connected devices exceeds several billions in the world, the need for cutting edge software technology is felt by all participators of the modern economy. Software Engineering is the scientific temper of the day, and Software Engineers the need of the hour. The object of this short study is What Exactly Does A Software Engineer Do?

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is concerned with the detailed study of Engineering up-to the design, development and maintenance of software. Quality is a major focus area of Software Projects. And this is merged with the rapidly developing User requirement and change of environment on which the application is expected to work. Usability and Application are the two main features that are demanded by the End-User. Any Software Application will be evaluated by the score in the following areas:

  • Operational: The usual operations on which the Software is judged are – Usability, Efficiency, Correctness, Dependability, Functionality, Budget, Security and Safety.
  • Transitional: This means that the Capability of the Application, for shifting from one platform to another, will be judged. Thus, features like – Portability, Reusability and Adaptability are highlighted.
  • Maintenance: This studies the performance of the Software in a changing environment. This includes Maintainability, Flexibility, Scalability and Modularity.

The maturing of the Information Age into the Digital Age and now to the Data Age has spurred the demand for Software Engineers. This is because of the increasing reliance on mobile technology, the emerging industries and the growing complexity of modern technology. Software Engineers have in-depth knowledge of Programming Languages, Software Development and Computer OS. Customized solutions for individual clients can be created by the Software Engineer in applying Engineering Principles to every stage of the development process.

Skills Required

Software Engineers are much in demand. It is his task to apply mathematical analysis and the principles of Computer Science so as to be able to design and develop Computer Software. There are various types of Software that may require development, such as, Operating Systems, Business Applications, Network Control Systems, Gaming and Computer Games, and Middleware. A Software Engineer is skilled in Computing Systems and Software Structures, and knows how to use existing Hardware to achieve his objectives. Extremely strong mathematically, the Software Engineer is adept at creating Algorithms. Software Engineers must also be excellent Communicators, not only with Users, but also with his team members and management. They may have to interface effectively, with Users, in order to train the Users to the Software Programs he has designed, test and debug the Software up-to the end product stage. Software Engineers are generally classified into two categories:

  • Applications Engineers: The End-User’s needs are analyzed in order to create or adapt applications for Business Organizations. These applications or programs will be designed, built, installed and maintained by the Applications Engineer.
  • Systems Engineers: The creation, maintenance and growth of a Computer System, in an organization, is the job of the Systems Engineer. Each departments requirement from the system is analyzed and coordinated, and fresh networks extending and linking the Computer System in the organization is developed, created and maintained.

A Software Engineer should acquire deep experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Information Analysis
  • Design and Architecture
  • Programming and Coding
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Testing and Debugging Software


Software Engineers must have strong mathematical backgrounds. Software Engineering is a great career for persons who are exceptionally good at both analytical skills as well as problem solving skills. In other words, the person must be equally adept at both left and right-brained thinking. They have to be instinctive problem solvers; used to working at team building and leading teams to a successful conclusions.

Scope and Future

The demand for Software Engineers is growing everyday and this is reflected in software engineer salaries. There is strong requirement for Software Engineers in a multitude of areas, such as, General Industry and Technology, Health Care, Aeronautics, Automotive Manufacturing, Remote Sensing, Green Energy, Robotics, Government, Non-Profit Organizations, Education and Cutting-Age Research, and Finance. Software Engineers are highly paid, in general, and their applicability to a vast number of Non-Allied Fields make Software Engineering a very attractive profession. The job conditions and work environment is very comfortable, and sometimes even cushy. But it must be remembered by the potential candidates that it is a stressful job involving long hours and tight deadlines. This concludes an analysis of What Exactly Does A Software Engineer Do?… Read On...